Best Coffee Shops in Dallas

By: Rhonda Jenkins | The Skinny Arm Blog


I JUST discovered this place last month and on the way I even gave my friend a hard time about going to a coffee shop in Richardson. Richardson?!?! Yep, but I was pleasantly surprised, and you will be too! Communion Coffee is next door to Communion Coworking space and it has plenty of parking in front of the building and beautiful light inside! The coffee menu has the basics and I was v pleased with my iced mocha. The friend I visited with is a photographer; the light was SO nice inside that she asked a random woman if she could take a photo of the woman's children playing because the light was too perfect not to. I think that is all the proof I need.
Why I like it: not Dallas. 
Why you’ll like it: not Dallas, plenty of space to spread out. 
I order: iced mocha