Change the Border, Change the Quilt

By: Ann Brooks | Fret Not Yourself Blog

"Our true nationality is mankind." H.G. Wells
Bordering the Spiderwebs
I sewed the scrappy little spiderwebs.  Despite the waviness of the edges, the sides are the same length; a border will stabilize it. That's where it got interesting.

There's just enough of the white print... but it looks dull and unfinished.
Border ideas for spiderweb quilt
Top left: spiderwebs sewn
Top right: white border only
Bottom left: narrow purple inner border
Bottom right: narrow blue inner border

The blue works better and gives some needed definition. Funny how quiet the white print looked before it was cut into kites. Now the spiderwebs are lost on this print. Using it as a border just makes things worse.

Perhaps a quieter white would do the trick.

Back through the stash for another border choices. White microdot is certainly quieter but just looks empty against all the busyness. I wish I'd noticed it before cutting the kites; it might have worked well there. Also, the inner border is a pretty blue but that shade doesn't add to the conversation.

Another border choice for the spiderweb quilt
Finally I really sat and looked at the fabrics in this top: red, pink, white, blue-green, green. The turquoise green grid print has languished in the stash for several years. Even though the color makes me smile, it's never fit anywhere. But look how well it blends with the lighter green stars. So... I used it for a single border. No inner border at all.

Spiderweb baby quilt top with sea green border
What a difference these potential borders made. The "wrong" ones deadened the quilt but this turquoise green gives presence to the spiderwebs. The reds, whites, and pinks are {almost} back in place rather than moving all around the top. The color actually corrals and heightens all those other greens and prints.

Hopefully my perseverance in taking time to select the right fabric for the border is a harbinger of many more good decisions in 2018. {Let's ignore my typical "full speed ahead" questionable choice of the pink and white print for the stars. That's so last year.}

Dining with the Locals
While visiting Dallas last week we had lunch at the Communion Cafe. What an interesting concept. They converted a auto repair shop waiting room into this sophisticated cafe serving excellent coffees, teas, and entrees.

Communion Cafe
The auto bay conversion is even more striking. Large tables and sofa groupings in the front allow people to freely interact. Behind them is a closed area available for hire as a work space. It's arranged so you can safely leave your work there although it's as light as the outer area due to more floor to ceiling windows. The combination cafe/co-working space/meeting place created by these young owners excites me. I wish them well.

Co-working space at Communion Cafe
We seem to dine at former auto shops frequently. One of our favorite local hideaways is Maga's Restaurant.

Maga's Restaurant
Maga cooks while her sisters wait. She's an excellent chef. {Her chicken tostadas are my favorite.} An original mural and interesting artwork adorn the interior. When you attend Quilt Festival Houston, you can get here on MetroRail {with a 12 minute walk at the end} or on the bus {with only a two block walk.}

Mural at Maga's Restaurant
Speaking with owners and staff is one of the many joys of dining at independent cafes. I wish there were more of them. Of course, in order to have more, we must patronize them regularly. Where's your favorite cafe or coffee shop?

Enjoy the day, Ann

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