Communion Cafe in Richardson is Serving Some Seriously Good Coffee

By: Matthew Shelley | D Magazine

Come for the caffeine buzz. Stick around for the workspace. 

Communion opened in November of 2017 at 514 Lockwood Dr. in Richardson. It might just be the coolest coffee shop this side of Amarillo. (What happens on the other side of Amarillo, and why that defines the boundary, is of no importance. Just go with it.)

The cafe was founded by Tim Kahle, who is a builder, commercial landscaper, and entrepreneur. The business was created in conjunction with a co-working facility.

What you’ll notice upon entering is a welcoming warmth of color and texture from the soft leather seating to the extensive natural light pouring through large windows across a open space with a variety of seating. It’s a relaxed feel with rounded edges, dark tones, and plenty of room to think and converse.

Aside from the comforts, the coffee is dialed to perfection. Temperature, balance, and consistency are on display in what the baristas are pulling from their custom made Synesso espresso machine. From drip to cortado and all the way over to their signature Cascara Palmer, Communion has a refined taste that extends beyond just the coffee. Tim Cox is in charge of cafe operations. Cox is soft spoken, friendly, and quietly confident in his methods. And in addition to coffee, he’s also serving, breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. The breakfast menu boasts homemade biscuits that are dense, buttery, and delicious. The chilled oats were surprisingly refreshing and stacked nicely with chopped dates, seeds, and honey. Even the house-made pastries were delicate and even handed. Brunch, lunch, and dinner is up to you. And with wine, beer, and whiskey flights, there’s much more to explore.

The co-working space is next to the coffee shop. Everything was built by Kahle’s father in midcentury modern style with plenty of steel, dark woods, and clean lines. The building was previously a Goodyear tire shop and some of the parts are still intact, which gives it a nice industrial, garage feel.

Well built, wide open and full of friendly faces, Communion is bringing something unique to Richardson. Tim Kahle speaks with a passion and kindness. He’s got a love for the neighborhood, and it shows. If you make it out there for coffee, be sure to ask them to lower the whiskey shelves before you leave. That’s right. There are retractable shelves filled with whiskey above the bar. Enjoy.