Communion Neighborhood Cooperative Launches Benevolent Meal Campaign to Help Feed Those Affected by the Coronavirus

Makenzie Plusnick | Community Impact

Tim Kahle knew he had to come up with an out-of-the-box idea to keep the restaurant at Communion Neighborhood Cooperative open after Dallas County banned dine-in service last week.

According to Kahle, the restaurant saw a 25% drop in revenue since restrictions were put in place. He said he felt inspired to do something that would not only improve sales but also help those who are struggling in the community. On March 23, he launched the 400 For 500 campaign.

“We want to keep our staff employed, we want to continue to serve our community, and we want to continue to inspire hope during this time,” Kahle said.

The campaign’s goal is to have 400 people subscribe to a six-week meal program, where they will receive one meal per week. For every 400 subscriptions, Communion will give 100 benevolent meals to community members in need. If the campaign surpasses its goal, Kahle said Communion will provide additional benevolent meals.

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