Play Like a Kid…but Eat Like an Adult :: Guide to Dallas Restaurants with Play Space

By: Andrea Coker | Dallas Mom's Blog

Frequent scene in the Coker House

Andrea: I’m hungry, but can not bear the thought of cooking.
Mike: Same. Want to take the kids and all go sit down somewhere and have a nice dinner?
A: That sounds great. I will grab a small educational toy that will surely occupy all the children for the 20 minutes while we wait for our food.
M: Excellent, and since they are all appropriately dressed and already wearing matching shoes, loading up will take mere moments.


M & A: laugh hysterically
M: Pizza?
A: Already ordering it on my phone


I have a secret. I know they can be fantastic places for kids to play, but I can’t eat at one more fast-food restaurant anymore this summer. Luckily there are places popping up all over town that will let the kids get all their wiggles out and give the adults a chance to eat something you don’t order with a number. So check out this list for some suggestions of places you can play like a kid but eat like an adult